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Welcome to Primadonna Naturals

Primadonna Naturals is not just a hair care brand that understands the needs of every African hair.  We believe that healthier ingredients help you to experience healthier hair and will not affect your health negatively.



What The Users Say

Primadonna was the solution I turned to when unruly damaged hair became a problem. With top notch ingredients and formulation that work together, I have a new head of hair to rock and style.


I started using relaxing my thick, coarse hair when I was 16. It was hard to manage, dry, brittle, and dull. I hated the condition my hair was in and never knew it can be manageable.  I must say that my natural hair is now stunning. Growing hair naturally is actually the best. Your products are awesome! Keep it up! I am grateful.


In the past 3 weeks treatment, I have noticed significant progress with my hair growth, which is something I never thought, would be possible. The same progress was noticed with my scalp condition. Thanks to Primadonna products.


I bought your hair growth trigger and softener few weeks ago and used them for the first time. I must confess my hair is simply soft, clean and lovely. They’re the best. I am truly happy with my hair.

Aisha Ahmed

You’ve got some powerful and effective products. I am so much in love with my new hair. People thought I wear wig. Its growing everyday…yipeee!!!


I was referred to this site by my friend who’s transitioning her hair.  I had this problem of dandruff, breakage and coarse hair; I can’t comb my hair without damping it with water. After purchasing hair softener and anti-dandruff products, my hair issues are solved. I feel relaxed to comb my hair anytime, any day, anywhere. Now I am focusing on growing it longer and fuller.

Princess  Jane

My hair is happier now! It feels so much better, no more dullness, dryness and breakage. The hair renewal treatment package works. I am very much appreciated.


I have got excellent results immediately with 2 weeks of start treatment for breakage and hair-loss. With 3 months of my treatment the difference will be clear. Your products are truly amazing and dealing with my hair and scalp issues very appropriately. My sincere thanks to you!


After a very long period of hair loss, I had tried various different methods for growing my hair back, from different creams and concoctions to lotions. I was dumbfounded when I discovered “Primadonna HairTreatment Kit”. After two month of treatment my results are better than my wildest expectations and I couldn’t be more impressed with the results.”

Charlty Ogbe

Just wanted to say how much I love the hair cleanser and softener. They’re fabulous. I was so excited at how well they worked in cleansing the flakes on my scalp, softening my coarse hair. The ingredients are great. Thank you! Continue in your good work.


Primadonna products have done wonders for my hair! Just like so many young women out there, my hair was broken off, dry, coarse and unmanageable because of the abuse of chemicals. When I started using your products, I saw an instant change! I am happy that I no longer feel sad about my own hair. I’m growing my hair chemical free and loving it. Thanks!

Juliet Nelson

Hello Primadonna, it's three months today thanks a million times your products have really restored my daughter's hair. I can now grow and manage my daughter's hair without stress, was frustrated with her coarse, easy to break natural hair. We're enjoying pain free combing, softer and longer shiny hair. Your products are amazing! New growth everyday

Mrs. Nneka

Hi, I am having a perfect experience with your products. My hair stylist and friends are amazed with my hair transformation ever since I transitioned. I am so happy with the results, my nape and front hair has been restored back; saying goodbye to unhealthy hair days. Ever grateful!


I had basically come in for hair treatment, but ended up getting treated for acne and the stretch marks on my body are fast reducing as well.  My treatment has been going on for 6 weeks now and there has been a lot of visible improvement. Thanks a lot for everything and keep up the good work.

Ukamaka. U

I have just restocked the Hair Growth Kit for my 4 and 6 year old daughters’ hair. Been searching to find products that would bring their hair under control. They have very tight curly, dry and dull hair. These products with just one use has not only brought their hair under control but when I weaved and loosened their hair it was straight, softer, shiny and easy to comb and absolutely beautiful. I never thought this could be possible without putting a relaxer. Thank you so much for introduction to your products.

Mrs. Doris A

I used your products and they were very effective for me. So I recommended the Growth Trigger and Anti Hair Fall Shampoo to my aunt whose hair were shedding and receding. She was almost labelled bald thanks to God for your products has restored her hair back. 


Primadonna products are absolutely wonderful, I love them since I started using especially the Growth trigger and Hair-Loss Restorer oil I have seen great changes in my hair fullness and growth, my hair loves it too, and the smell is Divine, all the ingredients are natural. Thanks Primadonna, please keep up with the good work. 


Queen Adesuwa

I was depressed with the state of my hair until a friend introduced Primadonna Hair treatment products to me. Now I am a more confident lady. No more scanty hair, breakage and thin edges, currently transitioning and growing my hair naturally without stress.

Jennifer Nnamani

Hello Primadonna Natural, I'd love to say thanks your products are absolutely great almost finishing the three months treatment package and I can testify they restored my hair which I thought would never grow up again. My edges were also damaged but now my hair is growing healthier and turning back to its original black color. I love my hair and your products. Indeed natural hair can grow when you treat it well. Primadonna rocks even more!!

Princess Ivykorah
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