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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Primadonna Naturals hair care products 100% natural?

Yes, they are

What are your products made with?

They are made with finest ingredients sourced from nature. The ingredients for each product are conveniently provided on our website. Click shop, underneath the product image you’ll find the list of product ingredients.

Are there any side effects when using your products?

They have no side effects. The only effect is healthier beautiful hair.

When I use your products to restore lost hair, must I use it forever and if I stop will my hair stop growing?

No. But it’s crucial you maintain your hair using quality products just the way you nurture your skin for it to glow.

For how long will I use the hair growth kit before I start seeing result?

For most of the users of Primadonna Hair Growth Kit, they report seeing new hair growth sprouting within the first month of regular application. This does not work for all. Use your products consistently they work with normal hair growth cycle to provide the nutrients your hair needs in order to boost strength, increase length and restore balance. Be assured before you finish using them amazing result will be visible.

How do I use the hair growth kit?

First wash your hair with the Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo, air dry hair and add few drops of Hair Restorative Oil mixed together with Hair Growth Trigger on your palm and massage generously onto hair and scalp twice daily. Focus on affected areas.

My hair is permed is the Hair Softener good for it?

It is especially for unaltered natural hair and for those transitioning.

My hair is permed is the Twist & Curl Smoothie good for it ?

It is especially for unaltered natural hair.

Do I have to have Natural hair in order to use your products?

Primadonna Naturals hair care products promote the growth and maintenance of natural hair however; our products are suitable and can be use for all hair types and textures.

Can your products cure b*a*l*d *ness?

It depends on the cause but there is no known cure for it if the hair follicles are dead.  However, maintaining hair growth is an effective way to tackle it before the onset of the problem.

Can I buy your products anywhere?

No! You can only buy from our certified distributors and they are nearer to you as you think. Click on find a re-seller to find one near you or simply contact us.

Must I pay before delivery?

It all depends on you. We have three options available for you to choose; either to pay on delivery, pay through direct bank transfer or via Paystack an online secured payment gateway.

Must I pay a delivery fee?

Yes, when you order products below N10k you’re entitled to pay delivery fee.

Can I return products after purchase?

No! Endeavour to read and understand the products before purchase. We do not accept the product return in whatever case.

Why is it that your hair growth product is not working as faster as I expected?

Some hair needs to pass through a process of restoration due severe hair issues; some have minor issues and responds to the effectiveness of our products faster. It is important for you to understand that natural/organic products take time to work especially if hair is severely damaged.

I have general questions about your company and products. How can I contact you?

Kindly direct all questions and enquiries to

How can I become a reseller or distributor of your products?

To be considered a re-seller of our products, please visit this link and complete the application process:


Disclaimer: The statements endorsed herein have not been evaluated by NAFDAC. The products and information mentioned on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease. They are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your treating doctor. See your doctor / dermatologist of choice if you have a severe hair (health) condition.

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